Explorer V6 4x2 GTDI LTD Ecoboost



ModelExplorer V6 4x2 GTDI LTD Ecoboost
ConditionNew Vehicle
Mileage- - - - -

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SRP ₱2,509,000.00

DP %Down Payment 36 Months48 Months60 Months
15% ₱175,000.00 - - - - -- - - - -₱53,235.00

INCLUSIVEs -1yr.comprehensive insurance, chattel mortgage, 3yrs lto, tpl, vkool tint, mattings, seatcover, era card / free towing, EWD, umbrella and fuel.

SRP ₱2,509,000.00
Down Payment
60 Months
INCLUSIVEs -1yr.comprehensive insurance, chattel mortgage, 3yrs lto, tpl, vkool tint, mattings, seatcover, era card / free towing, EWD, umbrella and fuel.

The Explorer really has excellent road manners for an large vehicle, especially in the city. The crossover platform (unibody/monocoque, similar to cars) means that this Explorer is the first in the line since Ford introduced the Explorer name in 1991. The ride is not what I would characterize as extremely supple, but there's plenty of pliancy to absorb much of the road despite the 20 inch rolling stock. Refinement, as expected, is great; noise suppression is well tuned to block out much of the ambient noise we get on our streets. What most drivers will have to get accustomed to is the width of the vehicle; it can be very tricky to maneuver around tight streets, so pick your urban routes carefully and don't rely completely on Waze.

Despite the EcoBoost tag, the Explorer can sip quite a bit of fuel if you're not mindful of your throttle inputs. Driving inefficiently can result in fuel eco figures around the 5.0-5.5 km/l range (18 km/h average), but driving more sensibly can easily kick up then number to 7.3 km/l (20 km/h average). The real trick lies in preventing the turbo from spooling up and generating boost; more air into the chamber and the ECU will automatically add more fuel to the mix. By keeping the Explorer -when possible- at around 1500-2000 rpm, a shrewd driver can get more out of it in the city.

The Explorer really works best when taken on a long drive out of town. There's a certain feeling that a well-sorted, large crossover SUV generates when driven on a long expressway. The commanding view of the road ahead, the width of the cabin, and the way the Explorer doesn't get fettered by crosswinds on an open road are great attributes to have on a family excursion. And the fuel economy gets better too; on the highway, the Explorer did 12.1 km/l at an average speed of 89 km/h average (2 pax).

Going up winding mountain roads, it's best to keep in mind that the Explorer is quite heavy. The EcoBoost gives it great acceleration, but you will have to put your foot down if the vehicle is fully loaded. Mind you, the good thing about this Explorer is that the width of the vehicle, the large tires, and the relatively low center of mass give it a good footprint on the road. Handling is quite good for its size, and there's no need to worry about rollovers with this vehicle (it's got Roll Stability Control) unless you really drive like someone who's had 10 cups of coffee coupled with hard rock music on the Explorer's great audio system.

Without a doubt, the Explorer Limited is still a very competitive vehicle in its class and price range